Hearing Loss Research

Your gift will help us find treatments and cures through our world-renown research in hearing loss. 

Hearing Loss Research

Loud concerts. Loud headphones. Loud gunfire. A lifetime of exposure, or even a single incident, can cause noise-induced hearing loss. But other things can cause hearing loss, such as some types of chemotherapy and therapeutic radiation to the head. More than 36 million people suffer from hearing loss, including the military, farmers, police officers, firefighters, hunters, emergency personnel, and people whose car airbags deploy.

But the good news is  -- SIU School of Medicine researchers are conducting cutting-edge research that contributes to innovative advances in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hearing loss. Our faculty are involved in discovery-based biomedical research and are dedicated to the education of graduate and medical students at SIU School of Medicine. 

Without proper funding, some of our projects could be suspended, which would negatively impact and set back many years of work. The pursuit of these advances requires significant financial support for salaries, supplies, and equipment to perform the experiments. In addition, the promise for future medical advances relies on the training of our next generations of biomedical researchers. 

Please consider a gift of support to help our scientists continue their world-renowned research that provides hope for millions.